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Luscious Play Mat Loungers 💛

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Beautiful quality product that we never knew we needed!"- Jamie

Pillow mats are an innovative play mat lounger that families are falling in love with all over Australia. 

The Inspo behind our Pillow Mat Loungers & a trip down memory lane-

A simple and brilliant idea- When I was a little girl, a friend's Nana sewed 3 pillows together for her grandchildren's sleepovers, they were old 70's floral pillow cases and we thought they were incredible! 

Fast forward a few years (just a few 😆) and that memory has sparked a valuable addition to our collection of loungers.

A few Tweaks- We added in one more pillow, premium quality & easy clean Vegan Leather, an easy grip handle for kids to drag around the house, zips for easy access & storage when not in use. Add in your own high loft pillows and there you have a super versatile lounger that looks stunning with your decor, and can be manipulated in a variety of ways, while also being a valuable addition to any kids cubby making kit 👍

Not just for toddlers & kids- these gorgeous play mat loungers are long enough for teens and most adults to lay on. They're perfect for movie nights, sleep overs, camping and caravaning, play rooms, bedrooms, days by the pool (cover with a towel because Silicon leather is derived from sand & heats up in the sun ☀️ )

The need for change- Navigating this new pandemic affected world, we as a small biz need to think outside the square to survive...

Reduce Shipping Costs- When purchasing a pillow mat you are buying a cover only, we do this because of rising Shipping costs. The pandemic has caused shipping costs to go out of control! And the larger the play mat / product the higher the costs for all involved.  

Recycle- The other reason is Sustainability and the importance of Recycling. Recycle your old pillows, especially if you're like me and you own lots of full fluffy high loft pillows, that look amazing on the bed but are not good for the neck 😆. Or if you have old, flat, well loved pillows, (you can often squeeze 2 of these into one compartment). Any standard size pillow will fit- you control the comfort factor. If you want to fill them out to there best capacity and create cubbies that will hold a firmer shape- we recommend FIRM & FLUFFY and/or HIGH LOFT, or experiment with 2 flatter recycled pillows. 



Daydreamer pillow mats are made from Premium Quality Silicon based vegan leather because it is sustainable, durable and extremely easy to keep clean, even ball point pen rubs straight off! (NO PERMANENT MARKERS THOUGH!) Silicone based leather is also waterproof, simply wipe clean with a soapy cloth. Please note- the stitching & zips are NOT waterproof, if water gets inside please remove the pillows and dry out before using again.

Scroll down for some pics of our Daydreamer pillow mat loungers in action ⬇️

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog!


Tracey x

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pillow mat play mat lounger       pillow mat play mat lounger

         pillow mat play mat lounger





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