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When you have an active family, finding a floor covering that’s both practical and beautiful can be a real challenge. We have found the answer! Our padded play mats look like rugs but have all the functionality that you need for a baby and children’s play mat or exercise mat. Our padded play mats are designed to provide a soft, safe, dust and water resistant surface, ideal for active play anywhere in the home. Inspired by our love of summer, beaches, palm trees, soft neutral colours and simplistic décor. Our padded play mats invoke a calm serene summer vibe any where in your home, all year round.

 life’s a peach



Taking inspiration from the vibrant Beni Ourain Moroccan rug patterns, the Life’s a Peach padded play mat design fuses strong lines with a peach colour palette inspired by peachy sunset hues and pink sand beaches. We love days at the beach, with the sand forming a backdrop to whatever we do.

Our Life’s a Peach padded play mats were a way of bringing summer sunsets and peachy sand into our home, at the same time as providing a safe, resilient surface for play, exercise and more.


summer palms



We wanted to capture the tranquillity and beauty of a tropical beach in this mat, which is why we chose the shadow palm leaf print. If you’re the type of family for whom active days by the water in beautiful surroundings are one of the more enjoyable aspects of life, this padded play mat will match your lifestyle perfectly.

Suitable for almost any room in the house, the neutral palette and detailed styling results in a padded play mat that looks like a rug! Ideal for a playroom or lounge, it also looks great in the bedroom: just the thing for some tranquil, early morning yoga practice.


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Padded Play Mats by Softly Summer Tummy Time Baby Peach


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