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Lets' talk Beanbags & Autism

We love beautiful things. But we want beauty that’s low-maintenance, and has purpose please — that’s not too much to ask right?

We don’t think so! Enter our Island Bean Bags...

It’s vital to give kids a place to stretch and gain independence — both physically and mentally, but there's more to it than that...

As an early years teacher (prep & Grade 1) I have experience with children that are sensory seeking, specifically children with autism, and beanbags were a lifesaver in the classroom.

Bean bags are a brilliant form of adaptive furniture for all children, and especially helpful for children with autism. This is because their shape and density can be adjusted for maximum comfort and benefit. The even pressure on the body provides a calming sense of security, and the beanbag will adapt to the child’s body as they grow. This is why we designed our beanbags to lay flat like a floor cushion or sit up like a lounger/ bean bag chair, it gives children more opportunities to create the shapes that they want and need for rest and play.

Bean bags are sensory soothing, can help self regulate emotions and are brilliant for children that are sensory seeking, this is essential and has huge benefits for children with or without autism.

Bean bags are perfect for kids endless energy, they can throw themselves against their beanbag, crawl over them, pull and push them- all important to build their gross motor skills and muscle tone, while also satisfying their sensory and deep pressure needs, providing the entire body with proprioceptive input. Administering deep pressure, like a firm hug, rolling and squishing into bean bags can have a calming effect and reduce stress and anxiety.

Bean bags are the perfect answer for children to rest and play safely and independently, while also nurturing their wellbeing. 

We’re here for PLAY, but make it beautiful, easy clean, functional and improve our little ones lives while we’re at it!





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