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Classic Playroom Must Haves

It’s crystal clear that we love beautiful things. But we want beauty that’s low-maintenance, please — that’s not too much to ask right?

We don’t think so! We’re here for PLAY, but make it beautiful, easy clean & functional while we’re at it!

It’s vital to give kids a place to stretch and gain independence — both physically and mentally. But that doesn’t mean it has to look like a day care centre! Our play mats, kids bean bags and pillow mat loungers provide the perfect foundation, all while being aesthetically pleasing and complimenting your home décor.

We designed Softly Summer goods for style and functionality.

Think of your padded play mat as the base, or foundation of the playroom, add a kids bean bag and/or pillow mat lounger, your children's favourite toys and you now have unlimited opportunities for your children to rest and play safely and independently.  

They’ll create cubbies, reading nooks, obstacle courses… endless opportunities for independent and imaginative play. And all stemming from the safe and comfy environment your padded play mat has created.

Our padded play mats bring comfort to tummy time, rolling, crawling, beginner walkers, and even nappy changes. That’s because they're soft and squishy natural latex foam rubber insert inside our smooth, wipeable vegan leather, provides the perfect foundation for play- the mat catches littles when they fall and is easily wiped clean of sticky fingers and general baby, toddler and kid messes.

Playroom must haves-

Softly Summer- kids bean bag chairs, kid’s loungers and a play mat baby!

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