5 Reasons You Need a CUVVY® Play Mat Cover

5 Reasons You Need a CUVVY® Play Mat Cover

5 Reasons why you need a CUVVY® Play Mat Cover in your life |


  1. RECYCLE – to recycle old well-loved padded play mats. The play mat industry is huge right now and thousands of play mats are sold every month in Australia alone. The TPU Padded Play Mats that the Cuvvy is designed for are biodegradable, but for best results they should be cut up and composted, and it takes between 3 to 5 years for them to fully biodegrade. If they’re not composted, they end up in landfill. So instead, why not give them a longer and more beautiful life by recycling them inside a Cuvvy® Play Mat Cover!


  1. PROTECT – You love your padded play mat, it’s been with you through 1, 2, 3, 4 or more babies and has tons of sentimental value. Now you can protect it for years to come. A Cuvvy Play Mat Cover will encase your much-loved play mat in durable, soft, waterproof, wipe clean, non-toxic, buttery soft vegan leather- and look beautiful while it’s doing it. When you’re feeling nostalgic you can open your Cuvvy peek inside and be flooded with memories of those newborn days, first times rolling over and first steps taken…


  1. PET FRIENDLY – This is a HUGE plus for my family! We have 3 fur babies and the number of holes our dogs put in our TPU padded play mats was crazy! They were fine until they’d start playing and doing zoomies (skids) around the house, and their claws would pierce the outer layer of our mat’s. And we all know that once there’s a hole they are no longer waterproof, and little fingers somehow find their way into the holes making them bigger. Cuvvy Play Mat Covers are more durable so pet’s claws shouldn’t pierce through! So far, our testing has been amazing, no holes!


  1. SUN LOVER – You’re a sun lover and your house has huge windows everywhere and lets lots of light in (perfection!) but your TPU padded play mat discolours with too much sunlight- enter the CUVVY! Our Cuvvy Play Mat Covers can sit in sunny spots in your home, in fact we recommend sitting them in the sun to relax the creases when they first arrive.


  1. CHANGE UP YOUR AESTHETICS - Cuvvy’s are removable, interchangeable, and reversible so they offer you more options to change up your décor. You might currently love the designs on your reversible TPU Padded Play Mat, but would love a change every now and then, Cuvvy Play Mat Covers are perfect, every Cuvvy features two stunning design choices. This is brilliant for photographers who need access to fresh backdrops.


PLEASE NOTE- If you don’t already own a TPU Padded Play Mat that needs covering, we have soft and squishy, NATURAL LATEX RUBBER PLAY MAT INSERTS available. They’re made sustainably from the sap of a Havea Rubber Tree, the rubber is harvested like maple syrup and is tapped directly from the healthy trees.



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