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Summer Palms - Sage / Soft Grey

“I absolutely adore our play mat! I love the neutral tones and simplistic design so much. It’s so soft and squishy and provides the perfect surface for my baby and older boy to play on! Hubby and I spend so much time on the floor in the playroom with our boys so it makes it so much comfier for us too. I can’t believe we went so long without one of these in our playroom! Highly recommend.”

Gemma Leigh

Palm Beach

SO GOOD! Our favourite play mat ever. This lives in our play room but occasionally comes outside for a picnic, or into the lounge for family games, dance parties and yoga. The designs are just amazing, and you cannot fault the quality. Even better, the customer service we received was second to none. Definitely will be purchasing another from Softly Summer soon!”

Molly Reyne

herringbone palm / sand

“Before I purchased ours, I was on a long hunt for the best play mat. I contacted a lot of other brands. I didn’t get a lot of reply. When I found Softly Summer, it was just love at first sight! The design of the play mat is NOT ONLY visually appealing and UNIQUE, it is also most importantly safe for your little one! There is no other play mat that looks like these mats. Gorgeous gorgeous reversible designs. What I love about them is that even after your babies are done with them these can make your space transform into a beautiful area.”

Kat Cabio

gather sack - sunset palm

“These gather sacks are just genius. This fits under my bugaboo and is also easy to carry. I’ve used this is places like theme parks, pub gardens, parks, beaches it’s so handy to just pack the kids essentials such as toys, swimwear and towels. Then just as easy to tidy up. I also have an indoor gather sack play mat bag for the kids toys in the playroom.”


Summer Palms - Olive / Rose Dust

“A baby essential! Favourite purchase of 2020. So easy to clean and soft for when Ivy is rolling or crawling. Will definitely be purchasing another for our spare room. Thank you!!”

Taryn Jensz

woven / sand

“Absolutely in love with my large woven / sand play mat. It is super soft and comfy for my twin girls to play on and do tummy time. It also is super handy for dribble, spews and nappy changing as it can be easily wiped clean. The mat is really light and easy to move between rooms and I love that it is double-sided so I can change it up for different photo backdrops!”

Alex fullerton

woven / sand

“We got this play mat for our newborn because we had tiles in our house and we wanted something soft for her to be able to have tummy time on. She’s now almost one and it’s turned into our everything mat! From play time to meal time this play mat is still going strong without a stain or fade in sight. I truly believed it helped our babe acquire the skills of sitting unassisted and crawling by giving her a soft and supportive surface to practice on. We can’t recommend these mats enough!”

Erica Cataldo

gather sack - salty palm

“These gather sacks are so great! I use mine for duplo which means no more tubs being tipped out 100 x a day! Its so beautifully made and the colours and design are just beautiful.”

Gemma leigh

herringbone palm / sand

“We LOVE our play mat. It changes the dynamic of the entire playroom and makes it so much easier to lie on the floor with the kids in comfort. My little one also learned to crawl and take a few steps on it because it’s grippy but also if she falls It’s so soft. It’s so easy to clean and I love the double sided – we change around when we do a playroom mix up.
Thanks so much again for an amazing product.”

Katrina Tilbrook

Summer Palms - Rust / Blue Surf


Chenoa & Reef

herringbone palm / sand

“We are so IN LOVE with our new Play Mat. The sand & sage colourways both compliment every room. The whole family enjoys relaxing on it, connecting with our newest little family member ♡”

Gabrielle Rose

Summer Palms - Rust / Blue Surf

We’ve had our play mat for a few months now and we absolutley love it. Easy to clean, very thick and squishy to walk on, play on and cool in summer. Beautiful design and lovely colours on both sides.”


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