Softly Summer



The idea for Softly Summer padded play mats came about when we, as a family, were unable to find a play mat that provided what we wanted for our home. As an active family with two young children, we were looking for a mat that looked appealing at the same time as providing a soft, safe space on our tiled floors for our children to play on. Unable to find exactly what we wanted on the market, we decided to design our own padded play mats and the Softly Summer brand was born.

 about us


As an active, health-conscious family, it was important to us that our padded play mats were easy to keep clean, minimising the risk of allergens or dust building up. We also wanted a floor covering that we wouldn’t need to put away after an exercise session or dance practice. The beach-inspired design came from our love of the ocean, palm leaves and the desire to bring a summery, chilled out vibe to our living space. With palm leaves, dreamy peachy pink sand and the beach in mind, we selected a neutral palette which means our baby and children’s play mat works well with your pre-existing colour scheme.

Our two children, Charlie and Summer, use our play mats for everything from wrestling to cart-wheels and hand stands to dance practice! When I’m able to get an early start, I love to spend some quality self-care time practising yoga or pilates before the family wake up and another hectic day begins! We love the fact that the mats don’t have to be put away after use: because they’re on display all the time, it encourages the children to be active in short bursts with no prior preparation needed – ideal for allowing them to take regular movement breaks throughout the day.