Let’s explore a few ways babies, children and families can benefit from our padded play mats.

Our children are always watching us. It’s evident when they copy our bad habits.

Just think of those embarrassing moments when your toddler yells out a four-letter word. The same can be said for your best qualities and habits.

So if you add yoga on a soft squishy padded play mat to your daily routine they will want to do it to.

What we find is the minute we go near our padded play mat our children immediately come over and invade!

This is where you can make it special family time to wrestle, play and do gentle yoga poses together on your play mat.

Connect with your little’s by playing games, colouring and reading stories. Picnics are fun on our padded play mats to; because they’re supper comfy and you can just wipe clean the mess.

Our children are always learning and if we teach them and bond with them by nurturing healthy habits and routines early they’ll be set up for life.

Love Tracey x